My Love Language is Typography and Creative Coding.

The Best Procrastinator
Website design and programming, 2023

Have you ever wondered if there's a website that not only lets you procrastinate but also delves deep into the reasons and emotions behind it?

The Best Procrastinator is a web experience that allows users to participate in endless procrastination by interacting with the website. It explores procrastination cognitions through positive emotion affirmations and examines the possibility to approach procrastination through emotion management.

A Bagel A Day 
Website design and programming, 2023

You can take a bagel from the website everyday and the bagel will give you a joke!

I love to design with familiarity and surprise

I hope to engage audiences through poetic dialogues and storytelling.

The NYC Dream 
Website design and programming, 2022

New York experiences a high influx of people, drawn by the allure of the NYC Dream. Yet, many are unaware of how their presence unintentionally transforms the city's landscape. Beyond the glittering lights and towering skyscrapers, there's an undercurrent of change, often displacing longstanding residents and altering the cultural fabric of neighborhoods. This project is not just a mere visualization; it dives into my interpretation of the multifaceted phenomenon of gentrification in NYC, aiming to shed light on both its allure and its consequences.

On Punctuations 
Website design and programming, 2021

Punctuations is a form of art that is universally understood with modifications and simple translations. We use punctuations both grammatically and to reproduce the rhythms of speech. Gertrude Stein, an American novelist, poet, playwright, and art collector, wrote about her perspectives of viewing different punctuations: some are interesting, and some are uninteresting. Inspired by her essay "On Punctuations," I've crafted a web-based reading experience for readers to delve into and explore.

Graphic/ Visual  Design


Bloom is a virtual garden that allows people to talk without hearing each other. The inspiration stems from a profound emotion of longing for family members in faraway locations, and a desire to build intimate connections that transcend geographical boundaries.


There's an unsettling sense of myself being constantly observed and monitored. This pervasive feeling of surveillance has constructed mental chains, confining my actions and thoughts within an invisible prison.

(Link to video)

Experience Design

Give and Take
A 15 minutes experience that invites people to create, reflect, and communicate with peers and colleges.

Physical Installation

Cosmic Note 

A piano performance played by mechanical hands about the impermanence state of beings.

Cosmic Note is an interactive installation that illustrates the interconnections between interruptive randomness and systematic order.